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Who Are We?

Nelson Africa was founded in 2015 by our CEO Mr Ayodeji Nelson Daodu through passion, hard-work & persistence. We are a registered company with dozens of professional individuals working together as a team with a shared vision to take Africa to the next level of sustainable development. We believe that care and business are inter-connected as one cannot be separated from the other. What is business without caring? This could be why customer care service was created after-all. Our love for humanity and our experience in problem-solving birthed our health entrepreneurship and telemedicine platform. We have successfully practiced real estates, tour guide and academic admissions simultaneously and in the process, our group of passionate professional personnels provide efficient and higher quality of the services tailored to each client's specific needs. With care-giving and our years of experiences, we have been able to offer solutions through life coaching, consultations and other services that we offer to our clients.

Our mission is to provide a professional and high-quality service to our clients by offering all the necessary guidance and support needed in order to prepare and guide them through the critical thinking process, excellent decision making and problem-solving.

Why choose us?

We care about your future! Our professional team work hard to ensure that you make proper decisions about your critical life goals. We are a team of knowledgeable experts here to take care of every need, from the second you contact us until all your needs are met. We work with you and we fully support you, to discover what decision suits you the most according to your academic background, interests, personality, skills and future life/career prospects. For us, the client's needs comes first and we provide individual attention to each and every client. With academic, emotional, profession, confidential and practical support from Nelson Africa, you'll be able to perform your best. 

What Our Clients Think?

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